NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins defends National's campaigning, says she's not going to walk around malls like a 'crazy person'

Leader Judith Collins has defended National's election campaigning, saying she's not going to walk around the mall "like some crazy person". 

During an interview on Newstalk ZB on Thursday morning, Collins said she preferred public meetings because she can properly discuss her Party's policies. 

"Our crowds, as in for me and the National Party, have been particularly in the public meetings. See I thrive in public meetings, I'm not a wander around the place type of person," she said. 

"If I am out there talking about policy, I can't be doing it walking around the mall like some crazy person going here's my policy for you."

Collins then hit out at accusations that National staff members were planted in crowds of supporters in Auckland last week. 

"We also have very disingenuous comments from a couple of people in the media that said National Party people had come along Ponsonby Road, which they had, and that this was something unusual when we had emails from the Labour Party saying, 'Jacinda Ardern is going to be at the mall please come here'," Collins told Newstalk ZB. 

"I mean that is just pathetic reporting frankly." 

The accusations were sparked by National staffer Hamish Price approaching Collins to compliment her during the campaign event. 

"You're doing a fantastic job," Price told Collins as he shook her hand in front of the cameras. 

When asked about the accusations at the time, Collins said she meets "genuine supporters every single day and I'd say all those people are genuine supporters".

While Collins might be steering clear of malls, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern isn't. 

Ardern has been campaigning at malls and universities across the country. 

Earlier in the week, she was mobbed by hundreds of supporters at a mall in Hamilton.

The Labour leader has received a similarly warm welcome when she was swarmed by supporters during a rally at Otago University last week.