NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins outlines first thing she'd do if National's in Government

National Party leader Judith Collins has outlined the first things she would do if National gets into Government.

The Opposition party leader told The AM Show on Wednesday the first thing she'd do is to "have a cup of tea".

"Well I'd probably sit down and have a cup of tea to start with."

Then she said she'd get rid of a bit of nonsense.

"One of the first things we'd do is to get rid of nonsense like the light rail up Dominion Road, which could cost anything from $6 to $15 billion."

Labour's proposal to build a light rail from Auckland CBD to the airport was established in the aftermath of the 2017 election.

But Collin's said it's another promise they've broken.

"Nothing's happened, I mean Jacinda Ardern promised it would be started next year. Nothing's happened."

Labour's transport minister Phil Twyford told Magic Talk in June he's disappointed they haven't made progress.

"I would expect - even though I'm terribly disappointed that we haven't made the progress we wanted to in this term of government - that the next Government will pick it up and run with it," Twyford said.

Collins added she would get straight onto National's plan for infrastructure.

In July, National announced a $31 billion plan which promises to fix the transport network and congestion crisis in Auckland and surrounding areas.

"When do we see it completed?" The AM Show host Duncan Garner asked her on Wednesday.

"Well, it's in the plan that we'll have it done but the main thing is Duncan, you can't finish it until you start it," she replied

"The work will be starting anyway in terms of the paperwork.

"After my cup of tea."