NZ Election 2020: Kiwi doctors on opposite sides of cannabis legalisation referendum share views

Two Kiwi doctors have revealed their opposing thoughts over the referendum on the legalisation of cannabis in this year's general election.

Wellington GP Dr Nina Sawicki says she hopes the legalisation of cannabis will provide more safety around the existing use.

"The whole purpose of voting yes is to try to provide more safety and quality around the existing use that we have in New Zealand," she told The Project on Monday.

"I'm not promoting the use of cannabis, I think that it's illegal status creates quite significant social and psychological harm by putting young people and adults in contact with the criminal justice system."

But Papakura GP Dr Mary Daly says there is no evidence legalising cannabis will reduce the serious harms associated with it.

"The proponents of legislation say we can reduce these harms by legalising... well that is absolutely not borne out by the evidence," she told The Project.

"Cannabis is a harmful substance. It's associated with a lot of serious harms - psychosis, mental health issues, depression, suicide, prenatal problems, fertility issues."

The New Zealand Medical Association announced on Sunday they no longer have a position in the upcoming cannabis referendum after their initial decision to vote 'no' led to a big pushback.

Watch the doctors' opinions on The Project above.