NZ Election 2020: National Party president admits leaked email flattened party's election campaign

It's been exactly a week since a leak to Newshub revealed cracks in National's caucus - and the party president has admitted it flattened the party's campaign.

However, Judith Collins sees things differently, smiling through the awkward moments. 

Collins was in Christchurch on Monday where she campaigned the old fashioned way by picking up the phones and talking to voters. After seven failed attempts, lucky number eight got through. 

"I found a lot of them were working because a lot of National Party people are busy working," Collins said. 

Despite a tough week on the campaign, Collins insists she's "actually loved it", and says it doesn't feel like her team is sabotaging her. 

"No, not at all," she said. 

But an email from National MP Denise Lee leaked to Newshub last week is still dogging the campaign. Newshub was told on Monday that a witch hunt is underway to find the source of the leak - but Collins denies it. 

"No, definitely not," she said.

Asked who she thought leaked the information, Collins said: "Someone who received it."

That would be the entire caucus and the party's president Peter Goodfellow concedes it dealt National a blow. 

"I think it flattened us out, but actually, we're over that now," he told Newshub. 

Collins doesn't think it's flattened National's campaign. 

"No, I think what's really important is everybody's focussed," she said. 

Caucus leaks are bad in general, potentially catastrophic during a campaign - even Goodfellow described it as "never helpful". 

Nor are allegations of plagarism. National's best friends ACT are having a crack at a National campaign ad which says, "Only a party vote for National will change your future."

The problem is, that's ACT's slogan. 

ACT leader David Seymour says he's used to it. 

"We're used to having to come up with policy for them, now we'e having to come up with slogans as well."