NZ Election 2020: Paul Henry predicts National to get more votes than he thinks they deserve

Paul Henry predicts The National Party will walk away with over 30 percent of the vote in the New Zealand election, but he doesn't believe they deserve it.

Henry is one of many political commentators on Newshub's election coverage on Saturday night which is hosted by Tova O'Brien, Duncan Garner and Patrick Gower.

Henry was asked what his predictions for the night were.

"I'm going to be very optimistic for National, they don't deserve this. Best case scenario: 33 percent," he said.

"Labour, I would put them at 45 percent, which some people may think is a little bit low. 

"New Zealand First - odd that I should mention them next - I think they are going to end up very, very close to 5 percent. The best thing they had going for them was that poll showing they were just over 3 [percent]. I think they will probably end up with around 4.5, maybe 4.6 [percent] [percent], 4.8 [percent], something like that. But I don't think they are going to quite make it. 

"ACT: 7- 8 percent. The Greens I think will be lucky to get 6 percent."

Henry is joined on the political panel by Linda Clark and Matthew Hooton who were asked if they though Labour is on track for a landslide win.

"If Labour can ever govern alone it will be after this election," Clark said.

"The Ardern effect just has been absolutely unbelievable. I think they will get about 47 - 48 percent. That's an extraordinary result considering that two elections ago they were in the low 20s and that's all down to Jacinda Ardern.

"National I think they are going to go under 30 [percent]."

She said they expect to get around 27 percent of the vote which would mean "it's toast for [Judith] Collins."

The results of the election began coming in with Labour hovering around 50 percent of the vote and National around 25 percent.

Hooton said they didn't change his predictions with him expecting Labour to sit around 47 percent.