Snapped: What do Green co-leader Marama Davidson's notes tell us about progress with Labour?

As Labour and the Greens wrap up another day of 'conversations', talks look likely to continue until Friday. 

Labour doesn't need the Greens - it has a straight majority - but is talking with them anyway. As Newshub revealed last week, a formal coalition deal is off the table.

Newshub understands it's likely Green Party co-leader James Shaw has been offered the climate change portfolio which he has held for the last three years, but it will be up to the Greens to decide whether it's worth it alongside whatever policy gains the party can get.

And judging by what eagle-eyed reporter Julie Iles spotted at the Green Party co-leader's press conference on Tuesday, policy gains might not be significant - she spotted the words "leap of faith" on notes held by Davidson. 

Negotiations between the Green Party co-leaders and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went on for half an hour longer than expected. 

"This is only the second meeting that we've had and we're going to continue discussing through the week," Shaw told reporters. "We're aiming to conclude discussions on Friday."

The Greens will take whatever offer they have to their membership. It needs backing from 75 percent of members to progress, so whatever deal is struck, there's still a process to go through. 

But the Prime Minister is hoping it will all be wrapped up by Friday.