Christchurch mosque attack: Islamic Women's Council says Royal Commission report must be released this year

The Islamic Women's Council is bracing for a confronting read of the Royal Commission's report into the Christchurch attacks and is urging the Government to make it available before 2020 comes to an end.

Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti will receive the report from the Royal Commission on Thursday. Tinetti will then decide when the report is made public. 

But Islamic Women's Council co-founder Anjum Rahman is joining calls from National and ACT, saying the report must be released this year.

ACT MP Nicole McKee said on Wednesday New Zealanders deserved "to know as soon as possible how a foreign terrorist was able to obtain a license and firearms and carry out his attacks", while National justice spokesperson Simon Bridges also said the findings should be made available as soon as possible due to "strong public interest". 

Rahman said the report must be tabled as soon as possible.

"If they don't do that within the next week or so then it won't be able to be made public until next year," she told Newshub.

"It needs to be made public this year."

Rahman said the matter was urgent.

"We expect that the report will be pretty traumatic reading - particularly for people in Christchurch and those who were directly affected."

The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners, meanwhile, is hoping the report will explain how the mosque gunman was able to get a licence. Spokesman Michael Dowling believes gun owners have been unfairly stigmatised as a result of the shooting.

After the Christchurch mosque attack, the Government moved to ban military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, as well as some types of pistols. It also led to the gun buyback scheme, which is estimated to have cost around $150 million.

Dowling believes the report will reignite the debate over gun reform.

"The Government very quickly moved to fix a problem that they hadn't defined and we're hoping that the findings of the Royal Commission will work out where the problems were."

Tinetti said earlier this week she expects the report to be made public before Christmas.

"As you probably will anticipate, this report is going to be quite lengthy so there's going to be a lot of working through on that process.

"There will be a lot of working going through it once we see it.

"It won't be me that will be leading it from there it will be the Prime Minister," she said.