Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern is set to unveil her ministers - will she have it in her to dump the hapless Phil Twyford?

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern will unveil her ministers on Monday and this is where it gets a bit tricky.

Who is knocking on the door - where's the talent? She has a few go-to ministers but they need their workload lightened.

So who steps up? A couple of newbies for sure - the name Kiri Allan as a minister will become more familiar. 

And surely it's time to punish the non-performers. Has Ardern got it in her to dump the hapless Phil Twyford?

Is she ruthless enough to cut some of the more hopeless ministers adrift? 

The Greens have two Ministers - James Shaw and Marama Davidson - but they have no agency to boss around, and worse, they have not gained even one specific policy win; two jobs, two new big salaries, and Crown limos, but no policy wins.

Labour is in the driver's seat -  the Greens have no control. I think I can hear the whimper from the locked boot.

The Greens have opted for the jobs, the perks, the trappings, the ministerial salary ahead of getting their policy for the planet put into writing.

I thought fancy jobs came second, third, fourth - and the earth came first? Oh well.

This Government wanted all 15,000 Government vehicles electric by 2025 - the truth is they managed only 108 electric vehicles in the past three years, as no one was given the job to push, oversee, and monitor it.

But away from all that, Ardern has formed this Government in record time because she could. There are no antics, no blackmail, no games, no Winston Peters, no Shane Jones, no blowhards, no fun.

To Ardern; you will be judged. You have a majority and you can do what you like, but don't waste it.

Your mandate allows you to build baby build. Go for it.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show