Ryan Bridge: Climate crusaders tell us to stop flying while sipping sparkling water in business class

Watch: Ryan Bridge's view in 60 seconds. Credit: The AM Show

OPINION: My grandma always used to say, 'those who shout the loudest, usually have the most to hide'.

That certainly seems to be the case for the world's climate crusaders; our activists and taxpayer-funded thinkers. 

An international study has found climate researchers take more gas-guzzling flights than any of their colleagues - yes, that's more than business academics, trade academics, geologists - you name it, our green friends have out-flown them. 

It's like when James Shaw, our Climate Change Minister, spent $77,000 on international travel - more than any other minister that year.

They tell us to stop flying; sell the car, ride a bike, stop eating meat, exist on mung beans and kombucha and there they are sipping carbonated water in business class, after stepping out of a taxi or Crown car at the airport. 

Of course, climate change is an important issue to be debating but surely those battlers and crusaders leading the charge should be walking the walk, not just talking the talk, no matter how many trees they tell us they're planting to offset their taxpayer-funded lifestyles. 

Ryan Bridge is a co-host of The AM Show 

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