Simon Bridges compares cannabis referendum results to pregnancy, says special votes won't change outcome

Simon Bridges has compared the special votes for the cannabis referendum to a pregnancy saying you either "are or you aren't".

Speaking on The AM Show on Friday Bridges said he doesn't believe the results of the referendum will change with the release of more than 400,000 votes at 2pm on Friday.

"It's like a pregnancy - you either are or you aren't, it's either a yes or a no, and in this case I think it will stay a no and the people have spoken on that." 

Preliminary results released in October showed New Zealanders voted against legalising cannabis 53.1 percent to 46.1 percent.

It's possible the special votes could sway the cannabis vote - Justice Minister Andrew Little told Newhsub in October roughly 70 percent of the votes to be in favour which he described as "highly unlikely".

Not everyone is disillusioned, however - the Green Party's drug law reform spokesperson Chlöe Swarbrick says it's "really close".

"We need to wait for the specials to be sure of the result," Swarbrick said in a statement.