Duncan Garner: I can't see the Government banning plastic bottles despite Greenpeace plea

OPINION: Coca-Cola and Greenpeace go together as much as you and your mother-in-law pine to hang out together for an extended Christmas-New Year break. 

Maybe that's unfair to your mother-in-law, but hear me out. 

Greenpeace and Coke are arch-enemies. OK, that probably was unfair to your mother in law.

But Greenpeace wants to ban the plastic bottle given we've successfully banned the single use plastic bag. This should send chills through Coca-Cola Amatil. 

The plastic bottle has been brilliant for convenience. Tap and gap, use and throw away, cheap, easy, convenience for now - but chaos for the future.

While Coke officially says they support bottle deposit schemes, they haven't seriously investigated these reusable options. They continue to believe in the pipe dream that is "recycling".

They now make an estimated 117 billion plastic bottles a year globally and untold billions end up burned or dumped in landfills, on beaches, and streets.

We don't recycle these bottles. It's thought 70 percent of all bottles are not recycled. 

So why do we care? Well this is why, and it's a shocking statistic. By 2050, it's estimated the plastic in our oceans may weigh more than all the fish in the sea. That's incredible.

Is that fish on your plate or "filet o plastic"?

For the record Coke says they have made a commitment that by 2030 they will collect and recycle a bottle for every one they sell. It's lofty, ambitious, but self-policed. 

Here's the bit I love: Coke says they have made all their cans and bottles recyclable, giving them every chance of being recycled.

Great, now just stick some legs on them and they can walk themselves to the recycling bin. 

Still, I can't see this Government granting Greenpeace their wish to ban the plastic bottle.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.