Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern may have made the biggest mistake of her political career

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern may have just made the biggest mistake of her political career - promising to fix the housing crisis. 

But the bold promise wasn't backed up with equally bold ideas, not yet anyway.

They're coming in the months ahead apparently, but on Thursday the Government promised to build 8000 state and transitional houses.

Sound familiar? Cause it is. That was last year's promise, in the budget no less.

Different year, same houses. Yet to be built.

Yep, as house hunters eagerly awaited fresh hope, the Government's big announcement was as attractive as a 204-day-old reheated microwave meal.

We are not stupid.

They say they were just announcing locations all in the regions, which is the next problem.

I dug out a report from Housing NZ late last year which clearly stated there was an 'oversupply of state houses in the regions'.

Houses no one wants in places no one wants to live. Sounds like KiwiBuild.

It's a fool's paradise promising to fix the market.

Ardern says the 20 percent increase in house prices last year is unsustainable. Sure. Tell the Reserve Bank governor. He's largely responsible.

Ardern's been in office more than 1000 days already and her Government has had no success slowing house prices.

Their biggest claim to fame? They've built around 4000 state houses. Wow. Shows how long it will take to build the next 8000.

And 8000? So what? There are 22,000 people currently on the waiting list, many in motels.

That was a woeful policy from National but Labour not only kept it, it expanded it.

By the time the 8000 are built the waiting list may well be 30,000.

My test of this Government on housing is whether they get people, kids, out of motels by the end of two terms. Six years.

That's not too much to ask is it?

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.