Former New Zealand First MPs Tracey Martin, Jenny Marcroft quit party, citing different values

Newshub can reveal New Zealand Firsts two female MPs from the last Parliament, Tracey Martin and Jenny Marcroft, have resigned from the party.

Martin, a former Government minister, said she quit because what the party has become now is not the party she joined. She said New Zealand First no longer matched her values. 

When asked whether that related to policy or culture, Martin said both. 

Marcroft told Newshub the party has a lot of work to do to see if there's a possibility of contesting 2023's election. She wishes the party the best as it rebuilds and tries to get back to its roots. 

"It's been an incredible opportunity to be a single mother in the House of Representatives. I wish the party all the best as they rebuild and get back to their roots," she told Newshub. 

"The party has a lot of work to do to see if there is a possibility of contesting 2023."

There has long been a perception that New Zealand First is a boys' club - that it's a difficult place to be a woman. Newshub has been told by sources in the past that that's a reality.

Martin told Newshub that attitude hasn't changed.

New Zealand First did not make it back to Parliament after getting 1.2 percent of the vote in the October election, below the 5 percent threshold.