Duncan Garner: If we can't get a COVID-19 vaccine into New Zealand, how can we get 4 million electric cars here?

OPINION: What a reality check.

If this Government takes up the eye-watering challenge set down by the Climate Commission then they better start yesterday. 

We are so so so far behind. We're far from being the darling of the world - we are as dirty as the rest of them.

Our emissions have skyrocketed. 

Now, in a rush to meet international targets - here's the shock formula; cull thousands of cows but produce the same amount of milk. Oh, and stop petrol cars coming into New Zealand. 

The goal is to have half our car fleet electric by 2027, and five years later no petrol cars will be coming into the country. 

For a country of just 17,000 electric cars and 4 million petrol, it's quite some target - my eyes have been on stalks since. I thought it was a joke but it's not.

This Government has barely made a dent in electrifying its own fleet - 130 electric cars across the entire Government. Pathetic.

The good news is electric cars are cheaper now; between $6000 and $15,000 will buy you a used Nissan leaf on TradeMe.

But I can't stand the look - they're like an apology on wheels.

The Government has a target of 64,000 electric cars by the end of this year but with just 17,000 on the road, it's another goal they won't meet. And the problem is no-one has bothered trying properly. 

Incentives have been promised but they haven't come. When they do, they better be good.

But if we can't get a vaccine into New Zealand, how on earth can we get 4 million electric cars here in such a short time?

They may have to give them away - now there's an idea.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.