Jacinda Ardern pushes for more Māori in leadership roles, says it's time NZ had its first Māori PM

Jacinda Ardern has ruled out her former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters as our next Governor-General, but she says it is time we had more Māori in leadership - including in her job as Prime Minister.

For former Labour MP Dover Samuels, this year is his 60th Waitangi.

He was there in 1973 and remembers the day vividly - Norman Kirk announced we would commemorate our national day with a holiday. 

The fourth Labour Prime Minister had taken the hand of a young Māori boy and had him stand alongside him as he made the announcement. 

"It was the most poignant time in my life," says Samuels.

But while many a Prime Minister has walked upon the Waitangi grounds since, none have been Māori - we haven't had a Māori Prime Minister.

"My view is that we should be trying to see that representation at every level, including this role," Ardern said when asked if it was time to have a Māori Prime Minister.

And those indulging in Waitangi's finest delicacies on Saturday agreed. 

"The timing to do it is now," said one person.

"It would be lovely to have a Māori Prime Minister.  Female at that," said another.

As does Labour's deputy leader Kelvin Davis.

"We should probably have had a Māori Prime Minister decades and decades and decades ago," he said.

Shane Jones says there was once a time when people thought our first would be the likes of John Tamihere, Winston Peters or the enigmatic man himself.

But now, he says "that waka has sailed".

Despite losing his place in Parliament with the ousting of New Zealand First, Jones held his legendary annual Waitangi party this year, with Peters popping in.

"He encouraged me to host the party again - he said 'don't be a sore loser Shane'," Jones said. 

He is also not ruling out a comeback from the Kingmaker.

"Winston has my 1000 percent support no matter what he wants to do - he is the ultimate comeback kid." 

There's one thing he won't be doing though - getting the Governor-General gig when Dame Patsy Reddy's reign comes to an end in August. 

The Prime Minister is ruling out anointing Winston Peters - the very same man who anointed her - but fret not, Mr Peters, that first Māori Prime Minister role is still up for grabs.