Duncan Garner: Be kind, Jacinda Ardern - let the Australians in this winter to save our businesses

OPINION: As good as the COVID-19 wage subsidy has been, it's lacked any sophistication or flexibility to help pay the many costs associated with businesses.

Things like the rent, the roof, the body corporate and how on earth do business owners survive?

None of this is sustainable and the ticking time bomb is getting louder.

The Government tells us to "pivot", which is as useful these days as being told to be kind. 

A fifth lockdown would kill teetering businesses and Auckland Business Chamber chief executive Michael Barnett says the worst is yet to come.

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to hit the green light now on the Aussie-Kiwi travel bubble. 

He's testing Jacinda Ardern big time.

Be kind, Prime Minister - let the Aussies in this winter to help save our retailers and businesses.

Allow them to spend up and save Queenstown on the way through.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.