Duncan Garner: Government approach to rule-breakers nonsensical

OPINION: Will the police prosecute the bubble breakers?

Only if the Health Ministry sends them all the required information, which apparently so far hasn't occurred.

If you knew 11 Papatoetoe families were being stubborn, why didn't you crack down? Ringfence them in their own houses or send them to a quarantine hotel.

Heck, build temporary fences around their homes, security guards. When you've spent $50 billion, what's a few thousand more dollars?

And stop the kid gloves - name and shame them, the courts would.

It's like going easy on a car thief because we don't want the other crims to be scared of obeying the law.

It's frankly nonsensical. So, call it what it is and prosecute appropriately.

It's a cluster alright and the Government needs to own it as well.

Meanwhile, has the tide just turned on interest rates? 

ASB deposit rates have jumped to 1.75 percent, a sign of what's to come? It's about time. 

The Reserve Bank says house prices have risen $535 billion since Labour took office, 200 of that is tax-free capital gain.

Transformational? No.

More like, same old, same old. 

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.