Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern almost excused isolation rule-breaking behaviour - that's pathetically weak

OPINION: "Be kind, stay safe, get tested, isolate, stick to your bubble."

Except this 21-year-old didn't. 

"Stick it", he said, "I'm bigger than COVID." 


We need to charge anyone who thumbs their nose and basically gives the one finger salute to the entire country. 

It's economic and social sabotage; it's treason, selfish, wrong, and at its very worst could be deadly. 

Seriously, after all this work we've done, what a cheek.

Charges are required. Otherwise, it's a weak, woolly, be kind at all costs message that dominates.

I thought Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was pathetically weak - almost excusing the behaviour on Saturday night.

Wrong message.

This will cost businesses up to $1 billion and Ardern should have laid down the law.

Jacinda Ardern.
Jacinda Ardern. Photo credit: Newshub Nation.

Instead, we got some drivel.

This COVID-19 crisis lingers and this lockdown could have been avoided.

Why aren't we policing alert level 3 well? Two weeks ago was a joke; one cafe following the rules, while another not far down the road was open wide for all to wander in.

And people need to be door knocked randomly to check if they're sticking to the rules. 

Queues at Auckland's border on Sunday.
Queues at Auckland's border on Sunday. Photo credit: Supplied

Finally, I'll say it again - close the border to all but the most urgent and serious returnees. 

It's got to happen, largely due to our slow vaccine rollout. Limit our chances of getting it. 

And what about more sophisticated alert levels? Lock south Auckland down, but why does Herne Bay, Mission Bay, Takapuna, Orewa, and Warkworth need to be locked down?

We have to make some more adjustments because it's clear every village still has its idiot.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.