Duncan Garner: Labour, National's record on state, emergency housing shameful and embarrassing

OPINION: Putting a roof over the heads of the most hard up Kiwis is now costing taxpayers more than $1 million a day - that's squeezing solo parents, families, drug addicts and pimps into motels.

There's $365m a year going towards housing 20,000 Kiwis - it's the state house waiting list shoved into motel rooms. For $365m, imagine the housing development that could build?

We simply haven't built enough state or emergency houses. Twenty years of National and Labour Party incompetence, no one prioritised it - simple.

It is shameful and embarrassing.

Motels were mocked by Labour a few years ago as undignified, humiliating and unsafe. 

That was from Phil Twyford who has since shown us how utterly pointless he is as a politician - under Labour the numbers have quadrupled.

Yet Labour now defends the policy like it's their own. Grant Roberton's next budget will start to address this issue.

Yes it's time to lift the COVID curtain, but what do we find? No pressure Grant. How on earth do you fix it?

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.