Duncan Garner: The homeless situation in New Zealand is an utter failure - but is the Waitangi Tribunal the place for this?

OPINION: The homeless situation now in New Zealand is worse than it has ever been.

At the end of 2020, the waiting list for a state house or emergency accommodation was 22,521 - that's 51 percent more people than this time last year.

What an utter failure.

Under National, families lived in cars and under Labour, they're into motels faster than ever before.

The situation needs fixing long-term and it predominantly hits vulnerable communities like Māori.

That's why one community leader is taking the crisis to the Waitangi Tribunal, claiming Māori have been let down and humiliated by the state's inability to provide housing.         

Successive Governments have largely ignored the homeless - but the Waitangi Tribunal? Is that the place for this? 

Meanwhile, we can't live in a bubble forever and on Monday the Government will debate behind closed doors when to team up with our lifelong friends, the Aussies.

I say go do it, what are we waiting for?

But will I book a flight? Not immediately - I'm too nervous it'll be cancelled at short notice.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.