Duncan Garner: Why the ship stuck in the Suez Canal reminds me of Trevor Mallard

OPINION: Land ahoy, a ship the size of the Empire State Building, is stuck sideways across the Suez canal.

They might try to call it angle parking, but frankly, she's up Suez canal without a paddle.

You see, the Suez is 200m wide, the ship is 400 metres long, and a three-point turn is outta the question. 

This is a traffic jam for the ages. Hundreds of ships are queued up. Tens of thousands of barrels of oil are stuck, but one thing is moving: the price of oil.

It's risen by almost 5 percent. Now there's an excuse for our service station owners to screw us even further. Thirty percent of the globe's cargo is going nowhere.

Someone is going to lose their job, don't you think? 

Which reminds me of someone else, the Speaker Trevor Mallard. 

It's time for him to get kicked out of his $300k a year job.

He's made a complete nincompoop of himself over sexual harassment allegations at Parliament and the wider inquiry. 

But Parliament is a club and Labour appears committed to doing everything possible to protect Mallard. 

One rule for us, another for them.

It's a disgrace.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.