Jacinda Ardern sends boy in Hastings, England letter praising his work on newspaper

Jacinda Ardern has been busy writing letters to the children of the world, with a boy from Hastings, England the latest to receive a message from the Kiwi Prime Minister. 

Back in June last year, Roscoe Page-Clarke, who was seven at the time, began developing his own newspaper while stuck inside during the United Kingdom's COVID-19 lockdown.

One edition contained reviews of films, the latest news about sport, a tribute to the country's National Health Service, and a special contribution from his cousins in New Zealand who were just returning to school after Aotearoa's lockdown. 

The Hastings & St Leonards Observer reports that Page-Clarke's grandmother, who lives in New Zealand, "passed [a copy of the newspaper] on to the Prime Minister". 

After reading the paper, Ardern wrote back: "I really enjoyed reading your newspaper - it looks like a lot of time and effort went into making it and I appreciate being sent a copy. I loved how your cousins had a page in the newspaper and provided an update on New Zealand."

According to his father Nathan, the family was all "quite amazed" to get a response. His grandmother said she was "very proud" of the boy and called it a "wonderful achievement". 

According to the Observer, Page-Clarke wants to either be a journalist or writer when he is older.

It's not the first time this month that a child overseas has received a letter from the Kiwi Prime Minister. 

The father of an 11-year-old in Ireland revealed earlier this month his daughter received a personal response from Ardern after sending her a letter last year.

Despite the reply from Ardern coming months later, the child was said to be "delighted". Ardern said in the letter that she was "sorry" it took a while to get back to her but it had been a "busy few months, unfortunately". 

Also earlier this month, the Prime Minister said she had been "going through letters" from children and came across one from a child dobbing in their father for not washing his hands properly. 

In March last year, Ardern said the letters from children were "one of the best parts of my job". 

"I seriously underestimated how many there would be, but I still read every single one," she said at the time.

"This Children's Day I want to say thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of kids who believe in the simple power of a letter (and drawing!) No matter how many years pass, I hope they all hold onto that belief that they can make a difference....because they already do."

A Reddit user shared a picture of a letter on Thursday which appeared to be written by a child. It said that when they grew up they wanted "to be able to buy a home". House prices in New Zealand have risen astronomically over the last year, with concerns the next generation of Kiwis may be locked out of the market

Some in the Reddit forum suggested that the user may be using their child to get a message through to the Prime Minister about the need to do more to control the market. 

Stuff reported Ardern earlier in March as saying that "messages from young people are the only ones she always makes sure to read".