Judith Collins reveals 'confronting' election review wasn't compulsory reading for caucus

National Party leader Judith Collins has revealed not everyone in her caucus has read the review into its disastrous election campaign - and she won't make them.

Speaking to Newshub Nation on Saturday, Collins revealed the "confronting" review was not made compulsory reading.

"The board has gone out of its way to make sure those who needed to see it do," she told host Simon Shepherd.

"I'm not going to take people, chain them to a table and make them read it - I treat people like adults."

The review was launched after National's crushing defeat in the 2020 election. The party entered Parliament in 2021 with 23 fewer seats, having churned through two leaders in the months leading towards the election.

Newshub understands two versions of the review were released - the full report, and a sanitised version with all the "gory details taken out", according to one party insider.

Collins side-stepped questions on this, saying the report she has seen is the same as the report the rest of caucus has seen - and it won't be released any time soon.

"We do not give our opponents extra ammunition to attack us."

Collins says while the loss was difficult it did teach her some valuable lessons.

"Disunity will always be very difficult for a party - never have three leaders in four months in an election year. This is never a good idea."

National went through a slew of leadership struggles just months from the election - Simon Bridges was ousted in favour of Todd Muller, who resigned after just 53 days in the role, leaving Collins to step up.

Collins admitted she never really wanted to be the leader of the Opposition, but felt she would be letting her caucus down if she didn't take the role. 

"I did not want this job - but i am entirely happy to take it and do it well," she said.

"If I hadn't taken it, after people who had asked me to take it who had never suggested i take it, I would have run away from my duty."

She added the COVID-19 pandemic was "a devastating hit" for the party and other opposition parties across the world.

"Every opposition is finding it hard to shift because of the whole COVID-19 thing... We had a Prime Minister standing up every day and telling the country she was going to save them so that's very hard to deal with."