Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cancels weekly interview with Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking

The Prime Minister has pulled out of her weekly interview with the Newstalk ZB host.
The Prime Minister has pulled out of her weekly interview with the Newstalk ZB host. Photo credit: Getty Images

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has cancelled her weekly interview with Newstalk ZB host Mike Hosking. 

In a statement to Newshub on Monday, the Prime Minister's office said the change comes after a review of Ardern's schedule. 

"The Prime Minister's schedule of media appearances has been reviewed and while it hasn't reduced overall, it has changed," the statement read. 

"The Prime Minister will no longer do a weekly slot specifically on the ZB morning show.

"However she, and all her ministers, will continue to appear on the show as and when issues arise."

Hosking, who hosts Newstalk ZB's Breakfast show, said Ardern was "running for the hills" and is "over being held to account".

"She no longer wants to be on this programme each week. The somewhat tragic conclusion that is drawn is the question she gets, the demand for a level of accountability to a little bit tough," Hosking told listeners on Monday. 

"Without being too unkind to some of the other players in this market, the reality is the Prime Minister enjoys a more cordial and more complaint relationship with them. 

"The questions are more softball, she favours a more benign pitch where the delivery can be dispatched to the boundary more readily with no obvious chance of an appeal." 

National leader Judith Collins has hit out at the Prime Minister's decision, saying it's "a shame" she doesn't have time for the radio host. 

"Shame the PM doesn’t have time for NewstalkZB on Monday morning. All those tough questions…" Collins tweeted. 

It is unclear whether the Prime Minister is pulling out of any of her other weekly media slots.

The pair have a contentious history with Labour MP Willie Jackson calling Hosking "simply rude" after an interview last year.

The Prime Minister's office has been contacted for further information.