ACT condemns Auckland biking advocates who forced Harbour Bridge lane closures

ACT Party transport spokesperson Simon Court.
ACT Party transport spokesperson Simon Court. Photo credit: Newshub Nation / Twitter @WakaKotahiAkNth

The ACT party has slammed Auckland biking advocates, who caused traffic chaos on Auckland's Harbour Bridge on Sunday.

The Liberate the Lane group held a rally at Point Erin Park, calling for a three-month cycle lane trail on the Harbour Bridge.

But ACT Party transport spokesperson Simon Court is accusing the group of being "above the law".

"Cyclists who have broken the law to cross the Auckland Harbour Bridge need to provide evidence to back up their case," Court writes in a press statement.

"Why should the rest of law-abiding Aucklanders have been held up on their Sunday because of a group of lawbreaking protestors?"

Auckland motorists experienced long queues as they headed towards the Harbour Bridge on Sunday morning.

Waka Kotahi Auckland Transport released a statement at 11am saying it had closed two northbound lanes on the bridge as well as the Curran St onramp.

"A police operation is underway and it could be some time before the incident is cleared and traffic returns to normal," it wrote on Twitter.

Court says if the protesters wanted to get the public onside, "they should have presented the evidence that it's going to move more people".

"They didn't because they don't have any. They believe they're above the law and above evidence.

"Today's demonstration won't have done cycling any favours."

The two northbound lanes have since reopened.