Duncan Garner - Budget 2021: Beneficiaries, emergency housing occupants likely to be today's winners

OPINION: It's B-Day for the Government - Budget Day.

How to allocate the billions and billions of dollars it receives in tax and, as always, there are winners and losers. 

I'm going to reveal the day's biggest winners by first eliminating all those who have already won.

A Budget is a Government's set of priorities - money in, money out. Winners and losers. 

So the losers end up paying more tax, that's already been announced - and you know who you are, because this Government sees you as winners in life anyway, so pay up. Thanks. How dare you succeed.

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Corporate businesses today - sssshhhh. You've already pocketed the wage subsidy, maybe three times, at a total cost of $13 billion, plus. 

Sure, life's been challenging, but you're still winning - because this Government has overall spent an eye-watering $62 billion on COVID-19. That's kept us alive and in pole position to have a strong post-COVID recovery.

Homeowners, don't you dare moan. 

Your house earns more than you do, think about it - it does.

If your house was worth $800,000 pre-COVID, add another $400,000, maybe more. It's called winning. It's also tax-free.

Low-paid workers, dealt with. Minimum wage is now $20 an hour.

Which brings me to today - who have I left out? Those at the very bottom, those on benefits, those living in motels.

I suspect Grant Robertson will increase base benefit levels today - not as much as those who deal with the poor want - but Robertson is a Labour Party Finance Minister. Now is his time, if not now, then when.

The need is now. Poverty exists in New Zealand and this can ease the pain. 

I'm not saying it solves anything, but it will ease the daily pain a bit. 

The bonus bit - beneficiaries are likely to spend any increase, and that stimulates the economy.

Throw in some emergency housing measures and BOOM, there's your B-day, done and dusted.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.