Have your say: Is New Zealand too cosy with China?

  • 29/05/2021

An upcoming 60 Minutes Australia investigation looks to dive into the relationship between New Zealand and China, and whether we're ditching our trans-Tasman friend for a "fast Chinese buck".

It comes amid intense debate about whether New Zealand is doing enough to express concern about human rights abuses within the Asian nation. 

While Aotearoa has condemned breaches independently and with Australia, it hasn't signed up to some Five Eyes statements on the issue. That's led some to accuse New Zealand of being too cosy with China and more interested in protecting its massive trade relationship than standing up for human rights.

But the Government has rejected that. Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta says the Five Eyes isn't always the best forum to express condemnation as it is primarily for intelligence-sharing purposes. Mahuta and her ministry have also pointed to numerous statements from New Zealand on ongoing issues in Hong Kong and Xinjiang as evidence of it not being scared to speak up.

Do you think New Zealand is too cosy with China?

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