Jacinda Ardern expected to break silence after Trevor Mallard's explosive night in Parliament

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is set to put out a statement about House Speaker Trevor Mallard at about 1:45pm.

To date, the Prime Minister has stood by the Speaker, saying all these issues have been traversed, that he'd apologised and pointing to his settlement with the alleged offender.

She's wanted to put it all to bed but that was before Mallard detonated the nuclear option in Parliament on Tuesday night.

The Prime Minister is due to put out a statement and Newshub understands she is not happy, but the Speaker is unlikely to be sacked.

She does still have confidence in him but she will be taking other steps to take the debate back to what was at the heart of all of this: the Debbie Francis culture review and problems at Parliament.

The scenes in Parliament on Tuesday night were extraordinary - there's been nothing like it in recent political memory.

Not just the way the Speaker used parliamentary privilege which was frankly phenomenal, but also the blow-for-blow being belted between the Speaker and National MPs.

Parliament is a place where to even call the Speaker biased is a crime, so for National to call him petulant, disgraceful, a bully, temperamentally unfit for the role is incredible, and speaks to the sheer force of will and conviction with which National will continue to push for him to go.

Under privilege in Parliament, Mallard said the former staffer was someone "who the police investigation found sexually assaulted someone". 

But Police told Newshub no charges were filed. 

In a statement police said: "The matter was referred to Police and fully investigated. Following a review of the evidence no formal charges were filed."