Waikato Mongrel Mob accuses National MP Simeon Brown of using gangs as political tool

The Waikato Mongrel Mob has condemned Simeon Brown for his "racist, bigoted views" after the National MP allegedly received death threats for criticising the gang.

Louise Hutchinson, public liaison for the Waikato Mongrel Mob Kingdom, told Newshub the Mob does not tolerate any death threats - and Brown's comments about a recent tangi were "culturally insensitive".

Brown posted on Facebook on Tuesday night it was "unbelievable" gang members were able to "take over the road" for a tangi in Hawke's Bay.

National Leader Judith Collins revealed to The AM Show on Wednesday morning Brown received death threats after his social media post.

Asked whether Brown was safe, Collins said she "hopes so".

"He's concerned - as am I... they used words like, they said they would 'pop him' - which I think that means to shoot him."

Brown told Newshub he received "a number" of threatening messages on Tuesday night, which he has taken to the police.

"They've taken it seriously - I'll be going in later today to give further information."

Hutchinson says Brown's comments were wholly unacceptable. 

"[His post] was totally culturally insensitive and totally offensive to that young man's family,'  Hutchinson says. 

She says Brown is using gangs as a "politicking" tool - with no understanding of what life is like for those in them.

"We've repeatedly asked him and the National Party to come down and meet us and they keep saying no.

"Why should he get to sit in that privileged position in Parliament when he knows nothing about what's going on for those people?"

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson, who visited the Mongrel Mob's Waikato chapter, says she also received violent threats - as did her daughter. 

"Following Simeon's comments about my visit, my daughter and I also received threats of violence and abuse. It shows that divisive debate can put us all at risk, which we must be wary of," she told Newshub. 

She extended her sympathy to Brown, saying she hopes he's taking "appropriate steps" to report the threats he's received.

 Hutchinson says the Waikato chapter of the Mob does not condone threats or violence of any kind.

"We don't tolerate death threats but we don't tolerate [Brown's] racist, bigoted views and social media campaign," she told Newshub.

Sonny Fatupaito, President of the Waikato Mongrel Mob Kingdom says Brown's comments about the tangi are insensitive.

"Through a Pākehā perspective this might be seen as lawlessness, but it was done as part of grieving, respect and love. Something we can all relate to. It is also not up to another culture or person to dictate how one needs to grieve."

Police monitored the large tangi which took place south of Paki Paki on Tuesday and say several people have been arrested for allegedly breaching bail conditions following the event.

Hawke's Bay area commander Insp Lincoln Sycamore said police have dedicated a team to following up reports of various traffic offences, including burnouts and dangerous driving.

"Initial enquiries suggest some motorists engaged in dangerous behaviour that put themselves and others at risk. We want to reassure the community that we do not tolerate this type of behaviour on our roads and offenders will be held accountable."

Anyone with video footage of the tangi is asked to contact police.