Another woman alleges ex-National candidate Jake Bezzant impersonated her online to get illicit images

Another woman who dated embattled National candidate Jake Bezzant is speaking out after a fake profile using her name was created to lure other men into sending illicit images. 

Her claims follow explosive details outlined by Bezzant's ex-girlfriend Tarryn Flintoft in the podcast 'Whips, Chains and Brains' this week, alleging he would impersonate her online and engage in online sex as her, using nude images and videos exchanged during their relationship. 

In a statement on Wednesday Bezzant requested the scathing accusations be "seen in the context of a relationship break-up" - but now fresh claims have emerged from the second woman who claims Bezzant also impersonated her online. 

The woman, who asked not to be named, told Newshub she dated him for six months and was devastated to hear of behaviour that was hurting other girls. 

"I feel sad that it took so long for Tarryn but I am so proud that she's had the courage to come out and make a difference," she told Newshub. 

She was alerted to the Snapchat profile a few weeks after her and Bezzant ended their long distance relationship - before he began dating Flintoft - when someone started messaging her on Instagram, chatting to her as though they had been speaking before. He told her about the Snapchat account which prompted her to ask her followers on Instagram if anyone else knew about the account. 

"Heaps of people started responding, heaps of girls from Cambridge, they said it had been happening to them, and they told me they had reason to believe it was Jake. Through a bit of digging it made sense, and then that's when I hit him up about it," she says. 

Messages seen by Newshub show the moment the woman confronted Bezzant, who denies involvement but later tells her the Snapchat account using her name has been deleted. 

"Having fun on Snapchat?" she asks him, before saying: "Someone's having some fun with a fake account they've made of me and your name is being mentioned?!!"

Bezzant replies: "You're the third person this week to ask me this." 

She says she doesn't want to accuse him but "if it is you that is one f**ked up thing to do." 

Bezzant asks what they are doing, to which she replies: "Asking for di*k pics. So please, little embarrassing making profiles of girls you've been with and asking guys for such things." 

He replies asking for the Snapchat handle, and tells her: "I'll get it deleted." 

She gives him the account when Bezzant then says: "Ok, hold up I'll jump on, I'm sorry you've been tied up in this someone has been doing this and I think it's to get at me."

Later in the conversation, Bezzant asks for the names of who told her about the account, to which she replies that she'd rather not say. She tells him she'd learned it isn't the first time it has happened.

He tells her: "OK well if you could ask any of them if they are the ones doing it to stop throwing my name around that would be great."

She says: "Not sure why anyone would ever do that so if you know anything about it…. It is a little embarrassing don't you think not for me being used but for people mentioning your name thinking you're the one asking for the di*k pics and whatever else… just please Jake… it's a sick thing to do… and no need for it…" 

He says he's over it and she says she's not happy about her name being used too. 

Bezzant then asks her to report the account to the police, to which she responds that she just wants her name out of it. 

"Last thing I need to have to have that type of shit to worry about." 

Bezzant then says: "I guess it would help me a lot too but get that. It's deleted now and blocked anyway." 

The woman told Newshub the exchange was the proof she needed to know it was him. 

"Within minutes of me confronting him the account was deleted, while we were chatting he was pretending to be on the phone police and lawyers, he was trying to portray like he had some sort of power and authority that he could get a Snapchat account deleted so quick." 

She asked Newshub not to disclose the underlying reasons she believes he chooses to target women. 

In the podcast released on Monday, ex-girlfriend Tarryn Flintoft outlined a number of concerns that she says have affected her mental health deeply. 

"Jake Bezzant who is involved in the National Party in New Zealand used to impersonate me online and would make Snapchats and dating sites and things and would engage in, like, online sex as me and would send nude images and videos of me," she says.

"That was happening throughout the last two-and-a-half years but then we obviously split up and then I found out in the last few weeks that he's still doing it, so we kind of want to talk about it."

In a statement to Newshub on Wednesday, after the content of the podcast came to light, Bezzant said: "Personal relationship breakups sometimes get messy." 

"There is more than just her and I involved so I am not going to discuss it. This needs to be seen in the context of a relationship break-up."

Bezzant has still been active in party events following the election. As recently as Sunday he was attending public meetings in Upper Harbour alongside National MP Michael Woodhouse.

National leader Judith Collins told Magic Talk on Thursday the party needed to review its candidate selection policy following the allegations. 

"I think it's simply that people came in on a certain wave, and that's why the selection process is actually one of the things that was subject to the review that we've undergone and the selection process is one which the party has actually turned its mind to," Collins said. 

Jake Bezzant did not reply to Newshub's request for comment on Thursday.