Duncan Garner: How will Jacinda Ardern get Kiwis into electric cars that don't exist in New Zealand?

Jacinda Ardern's Government has piled all sorts of pressure on itself by passing a climate change law that requires it to lay out how it will reduce pollution into the atmosphere by the end of this year.

No wonder Ardern has said this report from the Climate Change Commission is the single most important report she will receive as Prime Minister.

But the Government can only blame themselves for setting a date.

At the same time - it's bloody ballsy and someone has to tackle climate change head-on.

So now the Government must get realistic and dish out the pain - because our emissions just continue to grow.

Far from being a poster child of green and clean, we are just one of the mongrels in the pack of dirty polluting nations.

We must first address the rise in emissions and then pull it back.

The Government will have to force farmers to reduce stock and we will simply have to ban the import of petrol cars into New Zealand.

Good luck.

How will Ardern get Kiwis into electric cars that simply don't exist in New Zealand?

We have more than 4.5 million cars in New Zealand - 25 percent more than 10 years ago. We travelled 49 billion kilometres combined when they measured this in 2019 - it grows every year. We can't cycle everywhere and we've all got dirty polluting second-hand Japanese imports because they're cheap.

Successive Governments have allowed us to be the dumping ground for other nations.

It's meant we all got cars we wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford.

The climate emergency is now your biggest pressure point.

So, do you go so hard you collapse an economy? Or do you walk carefully and stay in the status quo?

The pressure is self-inflicted - we await your prescription for the future rather nervously.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.