Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern and Kris Faafoi have stuffed up the proposed hate speech law

OPINION: I can't see why this Government is rushing headfirst with its eyes closed into a new hate speech law.

You'd think it would be busy enough already battling the complexities of COVID-19, a slow vaccination rollout, and everything else Governments tend to stumble over.

And if delivery has been your weak point, why, why would you allow this complex and emotionally charged genie to get out of the bottle when you can't devote enough attention to it?

That's when you stuff it up, and Jacinda Ardern and her Justice Minister Kris Faafoi have done just that.

Did they pass their own test? 

Of course not.

Did they know what they were talking about?

No, this wasn't their finest outing. Maybe they've been too busy to focus on it - I get that, we see that.

This isn't at the top of most New Zealanders' wish list, so park it and get back to it, otherwise, it's a credibility issue. 

If it's your Government pushing to limit free speech by introducing a lower bar or lower test for hate speech - then school yourself up before you get schooled yourself.

It's already against the law to incite violence in New Zealand - the proposals take it much further than what even Ardern knows, or admits to. It could be against the law to insult and/or offend people if these proposals become law - it significantly lowers the test of hate speech. 

I think we should fight this. 

It should never be against the law to offend anyone - heavens, we'd be out of jobs and all in jail. 

Mark Richardson might be doing life without parole.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.