Duncan Garner: This Government hates rich people, and the electric vehicle rebate is proof

OPINION: Here comes your tradie tax - or farmers tax in drag.

Buy a new or second-hand ute imported into the country and you'll be forced to pay up to $4000 for the privilege.

But don't act surprised - your day was coming - now we have a date - January 1 next year.

The Government wants to reduce the numbers of these big polluting utes on our roads so start by stopping them coming into the country.

Make no mistake - this hits tradies, farmers and Ponsonby mums navigating narrow streets with at least 3 judder bars.

The way around it is simple. Don't upgrade your ute, or do it before January 1 next year.

But finally, this Government is doing something to back up the giant rhetoric and this will change the profile of cars on our roads.

I said this last week, we have been utterly hopeless at getting people into electric cars because we have dangled nothing in front of people.

Until now, from next month buy a second-hand electric car and the Government will kick in just over $3000.

I've been arguing with this lot for five years now saying without incentives we can't and won't switch.

The hands off limp weak approach of the past decade has failed spectacularly.

Just 0.6 percent of our cars are electric. Climate emergency? Where?

We languish behind dozens of countries.

Just 27,000 electric cars are on our roads. This policy should see 19,000 electric cars hit our streets in just the first year.

But honestly, why does this Government hate rich people?

So much for governing for all of New Zealand.

Those Kiwis who buy a really flash electric car, more than $80,000, are not eligible for the rebate.

I guess they assume you're wealthy enough. 

Duncan Garner is a co-host of The AM Show.