Have your say: Are you pleased Auckland's getting a $785m bridge for cycling and walking?

  • 04/06/2021
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The Government is planning the construction of a new Auckland Harbour Bridge exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians at a cost of $785 million.

The structure will be built on the city side of the current bridge, but separate to it. It's expected to take around five years to become operational and the cost includes land. 

"A stand-alone structure is the safest option that will not only provide a walking and cycling option for commuters but creates an outstanding piece of tourism infrastructure," says Transport Minister Michael Wood. 

He said the next crossing is likely to be a tunnel and it would be "unsafe to have a walking and cycling link as part of it".

"That why we need to build the Northern Pathway. Auckland will not reach its potential without it."

National's Simon Bridges - a former Transport Minister - thinks it's too expensive and there are more pressing concerns. 

"I started the investigations into this. I'm interested in it. But I just suggest now it's become a near billion-dollar baby, it's something much larger? Why wouldn't you put it with the second harbour crossing?"

He doubts it'll be underway soon.

"Is there a single deadline on any transport project these guys have met in any way, shape or form? They cancelled a whole lot, nothing is happening. I just look at this and say, okay, we've now got a promise of a cycle lane over the harbour. That's really nice, but it's fiddling while Rome burns. People are stuck in traffic in their hundreds of thousands."

Are you pleased Auckland's getting a $785m bridge for cycling and walking?

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