Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern laughs at viral video of former Blackcap Mark Richardson getting cramp while batting

Jacinda Ardern couldn't hold back her laughter watching the famous - or infamous - viral video of former Blackcap and The AM Show sports reader Mark Richardson cramp up during a test match.

The Prime Minister was shown the clip before she was interviewed on Monday's show, straight after Richardson finished reading the sports bulletin.

It comes after the Blackcaps crushed hosts England by eight wickets in the second and final test to seal a 1-0 series win, after chasing down a target of 38 runs on the fourth day at Edgbaston.

"The other big news was the test cricket series win over England yesterday - but it wasn't just the new guys being talked about in the pre-test commentary," The AM Show host Duncan Garner said.

He then played the commentary where another former Blackcap, Simon Doull, was discussing the moment Richardson cramped up after playing a sweep shot against India in 2003 - and fell on the ground screaming.

"If you haven't seen that, just YouTube 'Mark Richardson getting cramp'... and you'll hear this squeal - the absolute squeal as he went down trying to sweep one," Doull said in Sky Sports UK commentary.

Garner then proceeded to play the clip - much to the amusement of Ardern, who was about to appear on the show for her weekly interview.

"Sorry Mark - I'm sorry," she said later in the interview before Garner played the clip again.

"I'm going to put it on in the car," Ardern added.

"It was actually quite elegant… it was a full pirouette."

Watch the moment above.