Watch: Judith Collins forced to restart speech after being interrupted by COVID-19 alert

COVID-19 alerts blaring out of phones around Wellington would have interrupted many workplaces on Wednesday. 

However, the most notable was Parliament - a chorus of bleeps forcing Opposition leader Judith Collins to restart her general debate speech. 

Collins barely managed the first sentence of her speech before everyone's attention was directed elsewhere - to the notification communicating Wellington's move to alert level 2.

"What we saw today was a Prime Minister being asked to answer some questions," Collins says before a faint electronic noise interrupts her. 

MPs can be seen fumbling around for their phones as the well-known sound of the COVID alert level notification grows louder. 

Collins looks to Speaker Trevor Mallard.

"Can we start my time again Mr Speaker?" she asks. 

"Alright yes, well we'll just wait until that damn noise... and then we'll… has it stopped?" Mallard asks before allowing Collins to proceed. 

Wellington will enter COVID-19 alert level 2 at 6pm on Wednesday after a confirmed case of COVID-19 flew from Sydney to Wellington for three days at the weekend. 

The city will stay at level 2 until at least 11:59pm on Sunday.

The Ministry of Health confirmed on Wednesday morning the case tested positive upon returning to Australia, however they most likely contracted the virus in Sydney prior to their trip to New Zealand.