Winston Peters in no mood to talk in rare public appearance

He's spent the last eight months in political Siberia, but this weekend Winston Peters will make his first speech since New Zealand First failed to be reelected to Parliament.

The party is regrouping after some serious soul-searching, holding their AGM this weekend. 

The 76-year-old lost his seat in 2020, his entire party being bundled out of Parliament after only getting 2.6 percent of the vote, well below the 5 percent threshold required if no candidate wins a seat. 

Peters has kept a low profile since then. Newshub Nation caught up with him ahead of the AGM, but he was in no mood to talk.

Asked if he was planning to stick around as leader, Peters refused to answer. 

"You know you're never going to get one answer to these questions at the start of this conference, so don't indulge yourself, alright?" he told Newshub Nation. 

"Can I just say to you, I'm not having an interview with you at the start of this conference until I've spoken to the members of this party. Can you understand that? 

"You don't actually happen to be the people that matter at the moment, or ever matter. I don't want to be arguing with you about anything." 

There is a feeling among former MPs and former staffers Peters is planning on sticking around and staying put as leader of New Zealand First. The veteran politician does have precedent - making it back into Parliament in 2011 after losing his seat in 2008.

He'll deliver his speech at 2:30pm on Sunday. 

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