Duncan Garner: Farmers have had a gutsful of Jacinda Ardern playing to her favourites, here comes the revolt

OPINION: Today comes the revolt from the hinterland. I suspect more than a few townies will jump on the back of the newly taxed ute in support because they've had a gutsful.

The silenced will be silent no longer. 

In their utes, tractors and cars, two, four, six, eight - leave us alone behind the farm gate. They'll ride horses, bring their dogs and even fly their crop planes.

They've had a gutsful of paying for everything and getting three fifths of Jack all back from a Government and Prime Minister they feel will not listen, will not take their concerns on board and plays to her favourites.

It's called Groundswell and I suspect it will swell. It's a protest against the Government's environmental reforms and the climate change agenda that will see farmers have to pull their socks up and pay more for being polluters.

There's the freshwater reforms which restrict farmers' activities and the pièce de résistance, the ute tax to pay for the electric cars for the city do-gooders.

In other words, they want the Government to leave them alone.

The last time this happened, Ardern drove Mrytle the tractor up Parliament's steps - Shane Ardern that is, the former National MP. It was 2003 and they defeated the 'fart tax' proposed by Labour.

It was a rip snorter of a protest, feral and fiesty and almost 20 years later, it's playing out again. 

Judith Collins was one of the first to RSVP for today - no surprise

But this isn't a rent-a-mob, these guys are the real deal. They may not change the agenda, but I bet they give it a bloody shake today - good luck.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.