Duncan Garner: Rescue flights, MIQ spots for NSW returnees bloody unfair

OPINION: The first of the emergency flights for Kiwis stranded in New South Wales return on Tuesday.

The flights sold out in 15 minutes and have been put on by Air NZ in conjunction with the Government.

They automatically come with a booking in MIQ, so no stuffing around for a booking, which, for some, has taken months of heartache and bitter disappointment and they still can't get a spot. 

It all seems bloody unfair. 

Take off to Sydney and the Government will come to bail you out with a flight and bed in MIQ for two weeks, despite Jacinda Ardern's warning at the start of the bubble that flyers need to beware and should make plans in case of an outbreak as we won't come to your rescue.

Except the opposite has happened. Confused? You should be. 

If you're former National MP Maurice Williamson you might have every right to be angry. If you're Maurice's wife you're deeply upset because for months they have tried to get their son home from California and they simply can't get a MIQ spot. 

For hours each day they sit there trying, but there is nothing available. 

It's not just Maurice. He knows of a number of people in the same boat - one of them wants to come home to see a dying relative and still no MIQ spot. 

It is unfair but you get that with a system designed on the hoof. It's full of holes and luck comes into it. That the system allows third party agents to charge thousands to get you a spot is truly outrageous. 

It's being gamed.

I don't have an answer for Maurice and neither does he and I can't hear one from the Prime Minister right now.

But her Government needs to come up with one quickly.

Maurice wants his boy home - and who can blame him for that.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.