Duncan Garner: The National Party is in complete disarray - here's who needs to go

OPINION: The National Party is in complete disarray.

I have never seen them in this kind of state.

The closest National has got to this near-death state was under Bill English in 2002, but they still had credible senior MPs and rebuilt. 

But 20 years on they look more shabby, less disciplined, more impotent, more indecisive, naughtier, and more irrelevant than I have ever seen.

National hates being in opposition and just can't believe Jacinda Ardern's popularity.

And the party is quick to blame everyone else for their perilous state. 

They need to suck it up and take responsibility.

For four years National has been imploding with silly stuff - if they were a movie I'd call it Men Behaving Badly. 

Leader Judith Collins is privately seething and has sent a message. She ruthlessly shrunk former leader Todd Muller for bad-mouthing a fellow MP, leaving a stunned Muller to resign or face expulsion.

Before that, Nick Smith and one of his outbursts saw him red-carded. Collins saw to him. 

It's Dead Men Walking - and I haven't finished yet. 

Chris Penk told Twitter that Winston "f'd the country" (no scandal here - just distracted MPs). Collins said, "Chris calm down", and the rest of us said Chris who? 

Chris Finlayson? No - but he's a former National MP who actually said over the weekend National is self-destructing and is getting everything that's come to them. 

And it's not just its MPs. President Peter Goodfellow must go - he's overseen a board who have picked a bunch of nincompoops.

There was candidate Jake Bezzant, Andrew Falloon and sex texts, and Jami-Lee Ross

Voters don't want this - there is a Government waiting to be dealt with and National is shadow boxing itself. 

No one is listening to them anymore which makes them irrelevant. Start with the president, then the board. 

Sir John Key was right - if you want to leak, leave now. 

National lacks focus, talent, and discipline. 

I no longer know what they stand for.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.