Green co-leader Marama Davidson says party leadership should reflect 'Te Tiriti representation'

The Greens are considering a new party structure that reflects "Te Tiriti representation" - possibly going right to the very top.

The party is considering whether its one male, one female structure is still fit for purpose.

Co-leader Marama Davidson told Newshub Nation on Saturday whatever the party chooses, it will be up to the membership.

"I'm really pleased to see some of the ideas coming from the members - one of the most exciting changes being proposed is prioritising Te Tiriri at all levels of our leadership and our party structure," she told host Simon Shepherd.

"There's some exciting stuff that might come from around that - keep an eye out."

Shepherd asked her if that meant a requirement that one of the co-leaders be Māori.

"That is not the sort of details of it, but people want to make sure that we are reflecting Te Tiriti representation as well as justice throughout the whole party structure," said Davidson.

Earlier this year she told Newsroom the requirement that one of the pair be male might be dropped.

"Let's say there's at least one female, do we need to dictate what the other gender is at all? … Probably, we're moving past that male/female binary."

Auckland Central MP Chlöe Swarbrick, ranked third on the party list, told Newsroom in April it "could be a Te Tiriti-based model, or non-binary or trans".

The party's AGM will take place in August, where the possibilities will be discussed. Male co-leader James Shaw will face a leadership challenge from Dunedin activist James Cockle, who says he will offer "real leadership and direction" rather than being "Labour's little helper", according to an interview he gave to The Spinoff a few weeks ago

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