Green Party petition calling for Government to introduce WOF for rental properties

A petition launched by the Green Party is demanding the Government backs it's Healthy Homes Standards by introducing a warrant of fitness for rental properties. 

The petition is calling for a more accessible way for tenants to hold their landlords to account without a "stressful and expensive fight."

Green Party MP Chloe Swarbrick says the Healthy Homes Standards are important but hard to enforce. 

"If there's a problem, people who rent have to actively complain to the Tenancy Tribunal." 

Swarbrick is concerned landlords hold greater power over a tenant, making renters nervous to complain. 

"People who rent their home shouldn't have to get sick or complain before the safety of their home is tested and guaranteed." 

Swarbrick says a lot of the time tenants are signed onto a lease at high rental costs without the basics of a healthy home. 

She says a warrant of fitness would ensure heating, insulation, ventilation and other basic features exist in a rental.

"Too often people who rent have little choice but to accept a home without the basic necessities that would make them safe and healthy."

Renters United backs the petitions, spokesperson Geordie Rodger says this would put the power back in tenants hands. 

"The onus should be on landlords to provide the evidence so tenants don't have to read and understand complex documents, it's totally unreasonable."  

Last month the Government announced from July 1 landlords must comply with all Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of a new lease agreement.

The Healthy Home Standards require rentals to have heating, insulation, ventilation, proper drainage, and for unreasonable gaps to be closed.