Labour MP Louisa Wall confident New Zealand will be able to declare genocide in China by end of 2021

Labour MP Louisa Wall has broken ranks with her Government again, saying New Zealand will be able to declare genocide in China by the end of the year - something the Prime Minister has refused to do. 

It's hard to know what's happening in China's Xinjiang province, because the United Nations isn't allowed in. But Wall believes the human rights abuses are clear. 

"It's not just slave labour - it's torture, it's the sterialisation of women, it's the raping of women and girls and it's now forced organ harvesting," Wall said on Tuesday. "And it's happening, I believe it."

The Labour backbench MP is part of the global Inter-​Parliamentary Alliance on China, and went much further than Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the controversial topic of Xinjiang. 

"I won't be silent if the evidence is compelling for me to come out and take a position on something."

After Wall earlier this week accused China of harvesting organs from political prisoners, Ardern said the Government had raised the issue of organ transplantation with China. 

"I think she has done everything she can," Wall said. "I have a different role."

Organ harvesting in China has been cited in an independent report called the China Tribunal, which says organs are still being harvested from political prisoners in China, despite it announcing in 2014 the practice had stopped. 

Wall may have support from National leader Judith Collins. 

"I'm going to make this really clear: the National Party does not support organ harvesting of people and we do not support forced labour and we do not support, essentially, camps," she said on Tuesday. 

Despite the Government so far refusing to say genocide is happening in Xinjiang, Wall says that won't last.

"By the end of this year I think the China Tribunal, which is specifically focused on Uighurs, will make a determination that yes, genocide is happening, based on testimony from New Zealanders as well."

The Government has been criticised for being too soft on China. You can't accuse Wall of that -  she also wants to pass a law to make it illegal for Kiwis to get an organ transplant from China. 

Watch this space to see whether the Prime Minister adopts it as Government legislation.