Labour MP Sarah Pallet's wedding coincides with Hipkins COVID-19 update

Kiwis who tuned in to watch Chris Hipkins COVID-19 update were off to a confusing start when instead of the Minister for the COVID-19 response, a man with bagpipes was stood in Parliament.

But all became clear, when Labour MP Sarah Pallett, flanked by two bridesmaids, appeared on screen, readying herself to walk down the aisle.

A scheduling conflict meant Hipkins was scheduled to speak to reporters at the same time as Pallett was getting married.

Hipkins approached the standup, and upon seeing his colleague preparing herself for one of the most important days of her life, promptly turned and walked away down the corridor.

He delayed the standup long enough for Pallett to take her first steps down the aisle, through a large set of double doors which were swiftly shut behind her, allowing Hipkins to get underway. 

Watch the full video above.