Louisa Wall doubles down on China organ harvesting comments

Louisa Wall says the Prime Minister should have been aware her views on China were going to make headlines, since they were recorded in an interview six months ago. 

The Labour MP made headlines earlier this week when she accused the one-party state - which happens to be our biggest trading partner - of a range of abuses over and above the alleged genocide of the Uighur people in Xinjiang.

"I think the erosion of democracy is something we should all be wary of because as we've seen what's happening with Falun Gong practitioners, with Tibetans and latterly Uighur human beings," Wall, a list MP, told Newshub Nation on Saturday.

"They are being targeted and labelled as prisoners of conscience, but I think we should understand what that means within China's regime - it actually does mean slavery, it means camps. They call them education camps - other people would see them as persons. It has seen blood tests taken, X-rays, a database of organs that services a $1 billion global market."

Her original comments on organ harvesting and slavery came in an interview published by RNZ on Monday. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern quickly clarified she wasn't speaking on behalf of the Government, but as a member of the New Zealand branch of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, an international group which "facilitates parliamentary diplomacy and empowers parliaments and parliamentarians to promote peace, democracy and sustainable development around the world".

Wall, who is not a minister, told Newshub Nation the Prime Minister's office was told about the interview when it was recorded in January - before Parliament debated whether to declare China's treatment of the Uighurs a genocide.

"The fact that it's broken six months later and everyone thinks I did it last week is problematic."

New Zealand still hasn't declared it as a genocide. Trade Minister Damien O'Connor in May said it would "no doubt" have an impact on trade if we did. The US, Canada and the UK governments have done so. 

Wall, who was behind the Bill which brought New Zealand marriage equality in 2013, said people see her as a "human rights champion practitioner".

"I think both Nanaia and the Prime Minister… are doing everything that they can do." 

Chinese state media in 2014 reported organ harvesting had stopped. 

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