National Party 'letting it all hang out', losing public faith - political analyst Bryce Edwards

The National Party is "letting it all hang out" by airing its dirty laundry - and it could spell disaster for them, according to one political analyst.

Bryce Edwards, a political analyst from Victoria University of Wellington, told Newshub the National Party conference held over the weekend was "rather chaotic".

"They really want unity - and that's what the public wants from political parties too, and they punish them when they don't get that," Dr Edwards said.

The conference saw the National Party lose another member - former Speaker and Cabinet Minister Sir David Carter - who resigned after challenging the leadership of party president Peter Goodfellow and losing.

"He says 'he's got better things to do with his time, he's not going to waste his time on the Nats', so that's a stinging review of the National Party," Edwards said of Sir David's resignation.

There was also the issue of the National Party voting unanimously against a BIll which will ban conversion therapy, despite MPs saying they support banning the practice.


The Young Nats are openly disappointed by the Party choosing to block the vote.


Dr Edwards acknowledged being in Opposition is difficult for any political party and it can lead to negativity and "finger-pointing".

"It creates its own momentum of disaster - there's leaking to the media, infighting, no one pulls together."

Dr Edwards pointed out other parties disagree and have infighting too - the difference is they keep it under wraps.

"They keep it out of the public arena - National is letting it all hang out and it doesn't give the public much faith."

Despite the bumps in the road, leader Judith Collins has kept the faith - telling the conference she believes she will still be the leader at the next election and that it will be "easily" winnable.