COVID-19 Christmas clash: National's tantalising travel idea shot down by Jacinda Ardern

National is promising if they were in Government double-vaccinated Kiwis would be free to come to Aotearoa by Christmas.

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has hit back, saying National is putting your summer at risk.

The prospect of quarantine-free travel is tantalising for the likes of Trent and Janine Hall, who run a yoga and surf retreat in Bali. The zen is wearing off for the owners. 

"We want to go back to be able to hug our daughters again and have our family," Janine told Newshub, holding back tears. "Sorry, it's a bit emotional."

"Yeah, it's pretty desperate," Trent adds. 

Their two young daughters are with them, but their step-sisters, Trent's other daughters, are in New Zealand. They've been split for 18 months and video calls are not cutting it.

"Nothing beats a hug," says Trent. 

Like the tens of thousands of Kiwis also eager to get home, they'll be logging on Tuesday evening for the managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) room lottery.

There are 3800 more rooms up for grabs.

"That means more than 12,000 people are coming home for Christmas over the next few months with thousands more rooms to be released over the coming weeks," Ardern said on Tuesday.

More than 30,000 tried to get a room in last week's lottery so a heck of a lot are going to miss out on getting home for Christmas. 

National leader Judith Collins provided a tantalising alternative. 

"A goal of our plan is to get New Zealanders travelling in and out of the country by Christmas."

The Prime Minister couldn't make the same promise.

"Anything else that you add into the mix too soon and before you're well prepared could risk summer," Ardern said. 

National is planning a different plan. The official launch of its policy is on Wednesday, but COVID-19 spokesperson Chris Bishop dropped a sneak peak. 

"If you're a double-vaccinated Kiwi offshore or a double-vaccinated Kiwi in New Zealand, you will like our plan," he said. 

Their plan was pipped at the podium by ACT leader David Seymour, who launched the party's COVID plan 3.0 on Tuesday. 

ACT's plan includes "moving to targeted isolation of those who have recently arrived from overseas". 

The Prime Minister is trying to make the Opposition the enemy of summer - putting your holidays at risk.

The Opposition is framing Ardern as the Grinch who stole Christmas - not letting Kiwis come home.

The COVID Christmas clash is on.