COVID-19: Jacinda Ardern confident of a classic Kiwi summer of sounds but event planners want certainty

Your summer festival packing list is likely to need an addition this year - a COVID-19 vaccine certificate. 

The 'no vaccine, no party' policy was pitched by former Prime Minister Sir John Key and the Government has confirmed it's considering it. The problem is, no one has a vaccine pass yet.

Last summer we were living it up, but as we once more find ourselves facing restrictions, stadium concerts seem a distant memory and dream.

"Until we get a bit more clarity around how level 1 will look for events it's a bit of a waiting game but we're staying positive," says Rhythm and Vines founder Hamish Pinkham.

On Monday, Guns n Roses pulled a November rain check, postponing their scheduled tour until 2022, ditching Dunedin and declaring Auckland's Eden Park the new paradise city.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is still confident we will have a classic Kiwi summer of sounds.

"Yes. There are some things we might have to do to make sure that that can happen," she said on Monday. 

It could include sporting a new festival accessory: proof of a Pfizer jab. 

"You may see requirements around vaccine certificates so that things can continue to go ahead," Ardern said. 

Pinkham says they're open to a 'no vaccine, no Vines' policy. They're watching it happen overseas and they just need one thing.

"Give us some clarity and we'll be there to run the event."

New Zealand's vaccine rates fell on Sunday - just 24,000 across the country, with 10,000 in Auckland. It's not enough. 

Former Prime Minister Sir John Key says for the more hesitant youth sucked in by vaccine hoaxes on Tiktok, threatening their access to summer festivals might just be the ticket. 

"It's fantastic we're at the top of mind for John Key and his summer ambitions," says Pinkham. 

Live Nation, responsible for bringing massive acts like Dua Lipa to New Zealand, want safety and will do whatever it takes.

"If the Government mandates that people need to be vaccinated to go to show then we need to be able to tell that people are vaccinated right there on the gate," says Live Nation Managing Director Mark Kneebone. 

Logistically, while the team of 5 million has now had five million jabs, still no-one has a vaccine pass to prove it.

"Decisions will be made well in time before those summer festivals will need to have those decisions, and that is very much on our minds," Ardern said. 

The future of festivals rests in her hands.