National leader Judith Collins receives brutal report card from business sector in Mood of the Boardroom

National leader Judith Collins has received a brutal report card from the business sector - the traditional bread and butter backers of the National Party. 

In this year's Mood of the Boardroom, the big dogs of the business world, and even farmers, have gone on the record calling for Collins to go. 

Collins is described as "hopeless" by Devon Funds Management principal Paul Glass, who said she was "Labour's best asset". 

"She has lost the confidence of her caucus, which has made National unelectable. There needs to be a change," says Datacom chair Tony Carter.

Federated Farmers CEO Terry Copeland said: "She seems disconnected to most New Zealanders."

Could this be the nail in the political coffin for Collins? That coffin is starting to look like a porcupine - it's been nailed so many times. But this is bad - Collins being excoriated by business. 

While business people put their names to their quotes, National MPs still aren't willing to do that, but many agree and are hearing the same from voters. It's yet more wood on the bonfire of discontent.

But Auckland MPs aren't likely to return to Parliament as planned on October 19 unless they're at alert level 2, and the caucus won't roll her until they can physically get together.

So, Collins has received another stay of execution.