Clarke Gayford messages Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern regularly to check she's okay amid COVID pandemic, anti-vaccine protests

First man Clarke Gayford says he regularly texts his fiancée Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to check she's okay amid the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in anti-vaccination protests.

Gayford joined The Project on Wednesday and revealed he often tracks his partner's day through news headlines. He said he texts the Prime Minister "several times a day".

"I tend to track my partner through news headlines so where she's at and what's gone on and it's often just a little moment to catch up and find out actually what's happened," he said.

It comes after Ardern was forced to cancel a press conference at a vaccine clinic in Wanganui on Wednesday after anti-vax protesters swarmed the area.

Around 100 protesters swarmed the clinic holding signs with slogans such as "segregation is not okay ever" and "toot for freedom".

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins told media on Wednesday Ardern's visit was cancelled because the protest was stopping people from accessing the vaccination clinic.

"She has had to relocate some activities because her presence combined with the presence of anti-vax protesters was actually preventing people who were coming forward to get their vaccines from being able to access them."

Hipkins said the anti-vax movement is a small but very active group.

Footage from the protest shows one woman berating a camera operator telling them to "get some live footage so you can tell lies like you did for 18 months".

Another woman can be seen yelling into the camera, "Jacinda you are on notice for crimes against humanity".

It's not the only protest recently. The Prime Minister was forced to shut down a press conference in Northland on Tuesday after an anti-vaccine heckler hijacked reporters' question time.